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  • The World is Changing as We Speak - get on board!

    '"The way kids speak today, I'm here to tell you." Over the course of history, every aging generation has made that complaint, and it has always turned out to be overblown. That's just as well. If the language really had been deteriorating all this time, we'd all be grunting like bears by now.'

    'Critics always want to make the next generation seem more alien than it actually is, like anthropologists reporting back from a field trip to Youngster Island.'

    Irked By The Way Millennials Speak? 'I Feel Like' It's Time To Loosen Up

  • Teaching and learning at its best is one of the most ancient and elemental of all human exchanges. It has been going on ever since our primordial progenitors tried to pass the good news about fire. Tips, tricks, and techniques are not the heart of education - fire is. I mean finding light in the darkness, staying warm in a cold world, avoiding being burned if you can, and knowing what brings healing if you cannot. That is the knowledge that our students really want, and that is the knowledge we owe them. Not merely the facts, not merely the theories, but a deep knowing of what it means to kindle the gift of life in ourselves, in others, and in the world.

    Parker Palmer in 'Radical Presence' by Mary Rose O'Reilley
  • Laura Kipnis - cultural critic and feminist thinker on her book

    "Women have become habituated (and I include myself in this) to playing the role of scold and moral corrective and standing on the mountaintop while at the same time, at least for heterosexual women, desiring men as partner, lovers, fathers... It's just very conflicting because we very much disapprove of men and want men to be different than they are and also want a man to be with."